Securus Technologies highlights inaccuracies in GTL’s press release

Some of the statements made by GTL in an initial press release seem to have contained misleading information. It is for this reason that Securus Technologies, on June 9th, came up with another press release. This time, the press release was intended to correct the wrong statements made by GTL.

Over six statements in the GTL press release were corrected. The main focus was, however, in the patent litigation process. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, questions the approach that GTL is trying to use to handle the matter. Richard states that it doesn’t make sense that GTL is using the “scorched earth” approach. This is because patent litigation is not a simple process and takes many years, not mentioning the millions of dollars needed. Richard thinks that this approach isn’t logical considering the fact that Securus Technology has a better patent portfolio.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a tech firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm is dedicated to providing technological solutions in the corrections department. It specializes in different technological aspects including biometric analysis, public information, inmate self-service and investigation among much more.

Securus Technologies is tasked with being at its best each time it provides a service and information. The company recently received a rating of A+ from the BBB. Such an accreditation by the BBB comes with huge responsibilities. Going by this, any information coming from Securus Technologies, including its press releases, has to be accurate and trustworthy. This is why the company is obligated to make such corrections. He, however, puts it clear that the company will keep defending itself against the attacks by GTL and at the same time, assert its own patents. Richard goes on to ask GTL to a technology bake-off challenge, something GTL is yet to respond to.


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Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Diseases

Lung Institute is a department of regenerative solutions specializing in stem cell therapy for a wide range of diseases. The two years old lung Institute based in Tampa has established a branch in Nashville and in the recent past the institute is projected to launch another branch in Scottsdale, Ariz. The institute directly markets its services through both broadcast and print media. The organization posted a half page advert in Tampa Bay time’s newspaper comparing the pros of stem cell therapy to Beatles.

In its first year of operation, lung institute confirmed that they successfully diagnosed over 400 patients in Tampa clinic and another 50 patients in Nashville. Off late, the institute has not published the outcome of its therapies, though, in an interview with Tampa times, Feinermal, a licensed medical practitioner confirmed that over 70 percent of patients have reaped benefits from treatments.

The use stem cell treatment has expressed greatest appeal. From the underlying knowledge on the therapeutic potential of stem cells among other clinically accepted trials for non-lung diseases, it’s essential to move on and consider these approach in treating lung disease. Though, there is little knowledge on possible effects that might occur as a result of administration of the stem cell therapy to clients with lung disease. Before undertaking the therapy its importance to note the treatment could lead to more adverse implications that could deteriorate client’s condition rather than to improve it. From the preceding, safety should be given the top priority. According to, many clinics providing stem cell therapy outlines capacity of the treatment contrary to our science understanding.

Different stem cells are formed at different stages of life. These cells entails; embryonic stem cell which exists at the initial stages of growth of specific tissues or adult stem cell that only appears during fetal development and remains in the body throughout the life.

Currently, there is only a few number of clinically accepted trials in the United States and Canada conducting investigations on stem cell therapy for lung diseases. The data can be easily accessed over national institute of health at Hopefully, more statistics on stem cell therapy will be provided in future.

For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s Twitter account. You can also read patients’ testimonials here:


Eric Lefkosky:  An Impressive Presence In The World

Eric Lefkosky is a very unique and impressive presence in this world. With a whopping net worth of over $1.7 billion, he has already accomplished at least three lifetimes-worth of endeavors in the first half of his life and still has the other half to go! It is utter fascination to contemplate what he could possibly come up with from this point forward.

Mr. Lefkosky was born in 1969 to an average middle-class family, with his father being an engineer and his mother, a teacher. Upon graduation from high school, he enrolled in the University of Michigan where he shined with honors upon graduation in 1991. Immediately thereafter, he continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1993.

Directly after obtaining the law degree, Eric and friend, Brad Keywell, started their first entrepreneurial endeavor by purchasing a Wisconsin company named Brandon Apparel. This company was his sole project until 1999, when he and Keywell began an internet company called Starbelly, which focused on all aspects of promotional products. In 2000, after much success during the explosion of the early-internet, he sold the company to Halo Industries.

Shortly after Starbelly in 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkins, which provided print-procurement services for smaller companies; this company was successful and accomplished phenomenal growth from the beginning. By 2006 it had made it to the stock market and Lefkofsky sat as director until 2012. In 2005, Lefkofsky and Keywell founded a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics, which soared with success right away and made it to the NASDAQ by 2006.

Later in 2006, Lefkofksy co-founded MediaBank, which specializes in technology to enhance the media purchasing experience. In 2007, he merged MediaBank with Datatech which greatly enhanced the company with its advertising. Then, in 2012, there was yet another merger worth over $1.5 billion with Donovan Data Systems which created one single company named, Mediaocean.

There are almost too many accomplishments to list in a short article about the amazing Eric Lefkofsky, but here are a final few: co-founder for which went on to become the famous Groupon, co-founder of Lightbank which develops new companies in Chicago, and his largest contribution to society yet, co-founder of Tempus, a company that helps physicians deliver up-close and personalized cancer care.

A very intelligent and business-savvy man is Lefkosky, and the world is lucky to have him.

Understanding Comparative Law

The study of differences and similarities of laws between various nations is what is known as Comparative Law. It involves the study of many different legal systems that are there in the world. Some of these jurisdictions include the common law, the Chinese law, the Jewish law, the Hindu law, the socialist law, the canon law, the Islamic law, and the civil law. Legal scholars used to practice comparative methodologies before the modern comparative law was established in the 18th century. The Comparative law has its origins in Europe.

Sir Henry is a British jurist and legal historian. He invented comparative and anthropological jurisprudence. He was committed to the development of legal institutions in ancient societies. He was motivated by the need to have a comparative discussion of Eastern and Western legal traditions. Henry’s work was read widely and went on to become very influential. The first University to introduce the subject of comparative law in 1860 was the University of Oxford. Sir Henry became the professor of the subject in the university. The comparative law was taken to the US by a legal scholar who was escaping persecution in Germany. His name is Rudolf Schlesinger. Several disciplined branched out from the Comparative law. They include comparative criminal law, comparative constitutional law, comparative commercial law, comparative administrative law and comparative civil law.

Sujit Choudhry is a law advisor who is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to comparative constitutional law. He builds constitutional processes by combining various research agendas and his skills as an advisor. Sujit bases his research on the following constitution areas:

  • Official language policy
  • Constitutional courts
  • Federalism
  • Secession and decentralization
  • Proportionality and bill of rights
  • Group and minority rights

Sujit is involved in countries such as Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Libya, Nepal, Jordan, Egypt, and South Africa. Sujit serves as a member of the International Journal of Constitutional Law Board of Editors. He is the founding director of the center for constitutional transitions, which is involved in territorial cleavages in constitutional changes. The organization also offers the knowledge needed to build constitutions. Sujit is a former consultant with the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Development Program. Sujit is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster.

Comparative law has become very influential and has been embraced by many universities as a subject since its introduction. The comparative law has also brought numerous changes to the modern legal systems all over the world.

Claims Against George Soros Are Greatly Exaggerated

It’s no secret that billionaire George Soros supports liberal ideals. He has spent billions of his own money supporting liberal causes around the world and has even donated heavily to various political elections, including the recent presidential race. Soros is such a well-known and popular figure that it is easy for those who don’t support his intentions to make heavy claims against him.

The most recent of these claims is the idea that Soros is actually funding the protests against Donald Trump that have spread across the nation. This believe has become widespread enough to make national news, but there doesn’t seem to be any truth to it.

The Claims Against Him
Trump supporters have fired a salvo of claims against George Soros after the election, claiming that he is actually funding anti-Trump protestors and contributing to civil unrest.

They believe George Soros – a heavy contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and a long supporter of liberal ideals – is trying to create the impression that a larger number of people are against Trump. Some of these conservative claims state that he is actually attempting to create a revolution.

Comments have particularly flared up heavily on Twitter and other social media sites, like Tumblr and Facebook. “Fake news” stories continue to be spread alleging that Soros is involved in these protests in one way or another.

Naturally they provide no evidence for this beyond vague allegations that they’ve run into people who work with his Open Society Foundation or who claim they have received funding. These claims are serious and Soros and his organization have responded to them.

Read more: Wake up, Europe

The Response From Soros
The Open Society Foundation has responded through president Chris Stone, who had this to say: “There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding the protests that have erupted since the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports. The only initiative we are planning to fund related to the elections is to respond to hate crimes and speech.”

Stone is referring to the money that George Soros and his foundation regularly donate to fight against hate crime. They pledged $10 million in one week alone and spends another $500 million to support groups that help promote the concept of human rights and justice across the nation and world. They were recently involved in a program to document the use of stop-and-frisk policies, which have been ruled unconstitutional.

The Origin Of Ideas Like These
Conspiracy theories like these are common on both the liberal and conservative side of the fence. They are so popular and appealing because they place the blame for negative situations on one identifiable source. This makes it easier to explain them away and to negate the negative possibilities of what is really occurring.

The idea that millions of Americans are spontaneously protesting Trump of their own free will upsets conservative people. Blaming it on the boogey man of George Soros lets them explain away real concerns and problems. This behavior isn’t isolated to conservatives, but it is one that must be fought against whenever it occurs.

Read the profile of George Soros in Forbes



Madison Street Capital is a privately held middle-market investment banking firm founded in 2005. As one of the leading middle market investment banking firms, the company boasts over ten years of experience in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois with branch offices in North America, Africa and Asia.

The company’s team of professionals has remarkable knowledge, experience and extensive relationships. This has in the years enabled the company to acknowledge the uniqueness of every client’s situation and have each financing and capitalization structure tailor-made to match such client situations. The professionals offers a wide range of financial services including middle market investment banking (M&A advisory), hedge fund administration services, due diligence and market pricing, financial asset management services, corporate advisory services, deal structuring services, business valuation services, valuation for financial reporting, and the design and implementation of alternative exit strategies.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation of excellence in the investment banking industry is built around its values of integrity, leadership and service. The company is highly time sensitive and responsive to each and every opportunity that arises, hence realizing mutual benefits to both the company and the client. The company has won numerous awards every year in recognition of its excellence in the industry, with the most recent ones being Award for Industrials Deal of the Year, Award for Cross Border Deal of the Year and Award for the Annual Emerging Leaders.

Other than offering the aforementioned services to clients, Madison Street Capital also contributes immensely to matters relating to the world’s financials. In 2016, the company published the year’s outlook for hedge fund M&A. drawing from other years’ statistics, the company was able to project that 2016 will be a record year in terms of hedge fund M&A transactions. Through its Senior Managing Director, Carl D’Cunha, the company projects that there will be a continued consolidation of the highly fragmented hedge fund industry especially through opportunistic partnerships. It is through such contributions that the public is able to access financial information from the industry’s best advisor and make sound financial decisions.

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A Company that helps every customers needs

When it comes to a company that has the best interests of its clients in hand, one that stands out is NexBank Capital, Inc. NexBank is able to provide financial advice and services to all kinds of sectors. When it comes to mortgage banking on up to large scale institutional firms, NexBank Capital, Inc. is able to give the customer the best and most solid information that is out there.

By the end of 2016, NexBank Capital, Inc. is said to have a total of over $4 billion in total assets. The company loves to pride itself on providing advisory services to institutions ranging from large corporations and real estate investors on up to small businesses and banks. NexBank believes that they should provide the public with access to ‘sophisticated and custom tailored solutions’. NexBank states that they have professionals that are an integral part of their team that they are able to produce results and have been proven to do so.

Simply put, NexBank Capital, Inc. is a company that looks to help every customers’ needs. The past four or five years have seen a steady rise in the profile and value of NexBank Capital. The future certainly looks bold and bright and NexBank will certainly be looking at the future and beyond in the financial industry.

SEC Whistleblower Representation


If you are diligent and truthful enough, becoming a whistleblower can be like finding money in the street; it’s that simple. At the same time the person who “spills the beans” on fraud, a violation of the law, danger to the public health or safety, gross mismanagement, gross waste of government funds or an abuse of authority would be an eligible party if they can provide proof. Ergo, with the assistance and help from a professional, legal and licensed SEC Whistleblower Attorney, this dream of plenty of green pieces of paper in your bank account with the pictures of dead presidents on the front, can be a reality.


In case somewhere along the path of riches you failed to received the memo, the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, is a federal law that protects whistleblowers who work for the government and report various misconduct. And just so you know, there is a “gotcha” in the mix since you will be dealing with the government. However, whistleblowers government or not, may file complaints where they firmly believe evidence does exist where a violation of law, rule or regulation as well all of the other mentions are real and can be proved.


In March, 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that well over a half million dollars had been awarded to a former company official. His success of awarding these funds was still made available even though the officer was months late and missed the deadline for awards. That said, it should be known that by the time of this reading, folks should know that $50 million dollars have been awarded to people like you who are reading this article.


Whistleblower Update!


In the past several years the SEC Whistleblower Office had received more than 3,000 properly filed “tips”. For the most part, these tips had been received from men and women workers or not, from all 50 states in the U.S. as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, plus other countries around the world. And in case you are interested, the highest contributors were the state of California with nearly 19 percent of tips, Florida with close to 9 percent in tips and New York who was pushing the 10 percent mark. Internationally, the United Kingdom was first, Canada second and India third.

Note: To join the whistleblower team contact a SEC Whistleblower Lawyer in your area.

A Comparative Law Expert – SujitChoudhry

Comparative law entails the study of relationships between different legal systems or between the rules of more than one system. It is a method of comparing several legal systems. This comparison produces different results that relate to the legal cultures being analyzed. It plays a major role in understanding the foreign legal systems better.

In this era of globalization and the intertwining of the private and public law, it plays an imperative role in unification and harmonization of laws. This leads to more international cooperation as well as an improved world order. The legislators make use of the foreign laws in drafting a new legislation in more countries. The courts also draw inspirations from abroad too. There is, therefore, an increased importance of comparing the legal systems. This is not only significant to the academic discipline of the Comparative law, but also to other specific areas of the law.


Comparative law in a wide sense is old, just as the law itself. The comparative law became possible when different legal systems were distinguished especially when state monopoly on lawmaking began to rise. In the recent times, there have been debates about the theories and methods of the Comparative law. However, no consensus emerged and the discussion has not yielded any substantial influence on the practical legal comparison.

Comparative law rests three premises, namely;

  • The legal systems have similar problems
  • Different systems take different measures
  • Legal systems reach to the same results notwithstanding the differing measures

Based on the three premises, the function methods in comparative law have three major steps;

  • The problem statement in purely functional terms, without the influence of the legal system
  • Evaluation and comparison of the analysis from the purely perspective
  • A one by one presentation of the ways the different legal systems can resolve a legal problem.

About Sujit

Sujit Choudhry was the first Indian to be named dean of United States law school. He is an expert in comparative law. He was admitted to the University of Toronto seventeen years ago where he received very high marks in teaching. Choudhry became interested in law after an internship in bioethics. He attended Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law. Choudhry ( got his first job as a clerk of the Supreme Court of Canada and later earned a Masters from the Harvard law school in 1998. He is a champion in constitution reviews, especially in the ethnically divided societies.

Works by Choudhry can be found on Amazon.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association: A Name You Can Trust

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the nation’s largest independent practices that specializes in anesthesiology. CAA was established in 1973 in Austin, Texas and employees over 80 anesthesiologists. The practice also employees over 130 CRNA’s who aide in providing the safest and highest quality care for patients. CAA accomplishes this by continuous education of its providers and by using data reporting which is used to improve the quality of care.

The practice specializes in the three general types of anesthesia specialties: general, regional, and Local/MAC. Along with these areas, CAA can provide pediatric, obstetric, and cardiovascular anesthesia. With these, CAA can provide the variety of care that other practices cannot.

Along with their commitment providing the highest quality care, CAA is heavily involved in the community and philanthropic efforts. One example is a program called Austin Smiles. This program provides reconstructive surgery to children with cleft lip and palate issues located in Central Texas and Latin America. CAA physicians and CRNA’s donate their expertise to this and other causes and maintain a presence in the Austin community.

It is easy to see why CAA is one of the most trusted names in anesthesia in Central Texas as well as the United States. Through constant education and innovation, patients can be assured they are receiving the best care possible. With physician’s and CNRA’s committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and a strong community outreach program, Capitol Anesthesiology Association ( will continue to be one of the top anesthesia practices in the country.