Chris Burch’s Inspired Thinking Brings New Meaning to the Activity of Investment:

The technology sector and fashion industry are highly companionable. The two sectors have seen, much, in the way of change over the decades. There is one consistency: and that is both sectors grow in unison. Technology is fashionable, and fashion possesses a technological based-theme. The growth pattern of togetherness, of the two sectors, is interestingly curious. When glimpsing the history of their involvement: the clarity or insight, provided, makes it apparent what types of benefits are in-store for the general public.–(Thoughts of Chris Burch–although, not verbatim.)


Persons who grew up during the decades of the seventies and eighties cannot help but remember the Boom Box. The Boom Box was mobile and presented a preferred way to listen to musical tunes, story lines–(80s) and record favored artists. The Walkman came about in the nineties. The Walkman was a great deal more compact than the Boom Box. Finally, the iPod came about. As evidenced from the preceding text: the technology considered popular, for the time-period, is considered fashionable, too.


Fashion designers are embracing technology like never before. They are very awed and appreciative when their unique fashions generate overall enthusiasm, from the general public. When the fashion designer immerses him or herself in technology, the possible outcome is tremendous. Anouk Wipprecht represents such a designer.


The Dutch fashion enthusiast has stated that by coupling technology with fashion, a great deal of experimentation is possible. Ms. Wipprecht is well-known for her drink-making dress—the ‘DareDroid’ and her self-painting dress, referred to as: ‘Pseudomorphs’.


Some fashions make use of technology as a form of protection. In example, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created the ‘Airbag for Cyclists’. The airbag is worn around the neck of the cyclist. The airbag comes forth when the cyclist is about to hit the pavement. There is less obstruction, when wearing this form of protective wear—when it is not open: as opposed to wearing a helmet.


Firefighters, everywhere, are appreciative of the creation of ‘Frontline Gloves’, created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The gloves, with the use of technology, make communication possible, by way of indicating whether or not a site is safe to enter, by making use of mechanisms, located on the gloves.


Some designers make use of their talents by recycling certain materials. SegraSegra, recycled bicycle inner-tubes, into stylish jackets and tees. Emma Whiteside was able to create a very large gown out of radiator copper.


Energy-specific creations, by making use of movement, are also possible. Items such as watches, and mp3’s are powered up by making use of kinetic energy. Soledad Martin is working on shoes, wherein, the wearer’s cell phone is charged, while running.


Glasses are not just for academics anymore. Google Glass was not always considered stylish. Diane Von Furstenberg, one of fashion’s foremost designers, changed the general public’s thinking about wearing glasses. She had her stylish models walk up and down the runway wearing Google Glass. This type of style statement opened everyone’s eyes—so to speak.


As evidenced, from the above text, what has evolved, currently, is the result of the marrying of fashion and technology. The two sectors work, in cooperation, since one industry readily complements the other industry. The use of technology brings forth interesting elements, as to fashion. Technology, too, brings forth items that are highly functional. The motivating factor of the future is that both sectors tend to evolve around each other. The result is a world that is safer and agreeably—more pleasing.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch:


Chris Burch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is unique, in that he began his interesting investment career, by way of selling sweaters to women at Ithaca College. The firm, which became a launching pad, for the industrious entrepreneur, made it possible for Chris to evolve to his current involvement: that being, CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris, wisely, continued to take whatever cash-outlay, he achieved, and made it a point to wisely invest. Creativeness seems to run in the family. Two, of Chris’s grown daughters, began a line referred to as ‘Trademark’. Chris, naturally, placed some funding toward this fashionable enterprise. He, additionally, liked the line referred to as E.D.—which was created by Ellen DeGeneres. Needless to say, E.D. became another smart investment, made by Chris Burch. Chris’s other creative investments include—(although, the list is not all-inclusive): Aliph, Poppin and Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia.


He, too, enjoys real estate investment and makes it a point to invest in vacation homes, located in various parts of the world. By the way, the sweater enterprise—mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph—led to the creation of the company: ‘Eagle Eye’. ‘Eagle Eye’ was later sold to the Swire Group—in 1998. It was valued, then, at sixty-million dollars. Chris, seems to have a particular knack, as to creative investment. He has invested in over fifty companies: amassing a relative fortune that is well over one-billion dollars. He enjoys, to invest, in the thinking of creative persons, and their associated brands. He is not the kind of entrepreneur that makes an investment decision, relative to his own self-interests. He looks at every creative undertaking as an investment, not only in the brand, but also in accord with the entrepreneur. His avocations include sailing and fishing. Chris collects minerals and enjoys spending time with his off-spring.


Oncotarget: Fighting Cancer with Efficiency

Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed open access medical journal that was established in 2010. The journal has published research papers involving cancer research and oncology. However, they have recently began publishing papers in the fields of endocrinology, pathology, age-related diseases and immunology. The journal has had great success since 2011 and is considered to be the best in its field. Their success can be attributed to their publishing methods and the commitment of their editors to produce quality content.

Oncotarget releases their issues weekly and all issues can be printed on demand. Their mission is to expedite the availability of research results. They use the latest digital technology to achieve this mission. They also maximize the impact of research results through a rigid peer review process. Oncotarget has published several groundbreaking articles which have made a positive impact in the medical community. Arguably, the most well known is the impactful study on E-Cigarettes.

Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagoskionny are the Editors-In-Chief of Oncotarget that is being published by Impact Journals. They both are professors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. Gudkov is a pre-eminent cancer researcher and Dr. Blagoskionny is a professor of oncology. Both Gudkov and Blagoskionny are committed to publishing research that foster clinical and basic science applications to fight disease. The success of Oncotarget can be attributed to the strict editorial standards of these two pre-eminent scientists.

In summary, the key to Oncotarget’s success is simple. They use passion along with an individual approach. They have managed to combine thorough peer-review with rapid publication. The passion of their editors have been essential. It is said that submissions can be reviewed by 3 reviewer within one hour of submission. Oncotarget accomplishes their mission through passion and efficiency. It is also available in

Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello

Executive Anthony Petrello is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as Nabors Industries. He has been at this position for a number of years in which he has helped establish the company as one of the leaders in the energy industry.

Along with being the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, he is also leading a company known as Nabors Exchangeco Incorporated which is a company held by Nabors Industries. When working at Nabors Industries, Anthony has held a couple of other notable positions. He has been the company President since 1992 and has also served as its chief operating officer. As of today, he is currently the chairman of the board of the company. Prior to working at Nabors Industries, he worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie from the years 1979-1991. He served as its managing director for five of those years as well.

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Anthony has spent a number of years working for Nabors Industries. During this time, he has worked his way up to becoming the chief executive officer. As the acting CEO of the company, Anthony has demonstrated top quality leadership. On a regular basis he has provided the company with effective strategies on how to improve operations as well as make it more successful. He would collaborate with members of the management team to find ways to make the company more efficient in every department. As well as providing direction on how to run the company more efficiently, he would frequently monitor the various departments to make sure that they are running smoothly and allowing the company to consistently reach expectations. With his managerial style, Nabors Industries has been able to remain as one of the top energy companies.

While serving as the company CEO, Anthony has accumulated a lot of valuable experience and expertise. His experience running one of the top energy companies has enabled him to establish himself as one of the most prominent executives in the United States. By running one of the top energy companies, Anthony has allowed himself to be recognized as one of the most accomplished executives around. Along with establishing a favorable reputation as an executive, Petrello has also had opportunity to accumulate a lot of knowledge on the energy industry and how to manage a large corporation. Therefore, Anthony Petrello has been able to develop into a seasoned and highly competent executive for his company.

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Start Strong with Mike Baur

Mike Baur has multiple careers which he has successfully accomplished. He is an investor, leader and an entrepreneur. He has an experience of 20 years in banking. He received his MBA from Rochester University in New York and also a similar MBA from the University of Berne. He is from Switzerland. His career in banking started off as an intern at UBS, after some time he was a board member of a private bank in Swiss. He has explored his entrepreneurship skills to aim higher in the banking and business industry. He is currently the executive chairman and also the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. The other co-founders are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


He is dedicated to assisting motivated young entrepreneurs in developing so that they can do better in future. His skills in entrepreneurship are also explored worldwide. In Switzerland where he is also located, he is able to nurture and mentor upcoming entrepreneurs to start up their businesses. He also helps them financially. He is also able to guide them well thus enhancing his leadership skills. Swiss Startup Factory is in association with other companies namely; CTI and Fintech Fusion. Among other tasks, Mike Baur manages financial processes and fundraising at the company.


Swiss Startup Factory was launched in the year 2014. Due to its continuous prosperity, the company has been recognized among the best independent private organizations. The organization together with its leaders look for motivated entrepreneurs who are ready and have what it takes so that they can help them reach their goals. The company is found in Zurich. The firm has a three-month course to the entrepreneurs, it is an accelerator program. The course has great offers and services that will be able to develop the potential of the entrepreneurs. Working space, mentoring, finance and nurturing are some of these services.


Part of the objectives of the company is to initiate extraordinary firms that will prosper in future. Switzerland is their main area of developing various businesses. Nevertheless, the organization adheres to a good working relationship among them in performing their daily duties. When having a business idea, one must have a great start, therefore the company aims to help them make a good beginning in their businesses.

The young entrepreneurs at the company are also privileged to showcase their skills, this is one of the opportunities of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur is determined to keep helping potential young entrepreneurs to reach a better tomorrow.

Education Is The Cornerstone To A Better Life In The Opinion Of Betsy DeVos

Looking back at the life and work of Betsy DeVos is a simple way of exploring the good works and philanthropy the Michigan based education reformer has set about becoming an integral part of the work of many different groups. In terms of the philanthropy and good works completed by Betsy DeVos I believe it is important to understand just how important education and the creation of a more successful education system in the U.S. has been to the life of Mrs. DeVos; not only has Betsy DeVos sacrificed her own time in a bid to make sure every child in the U.S. has the chance to attend a high quality school environment, but she has also been willing to throw her considerable personal fortune behind the cause that has become her signature in philanthropic circles.

I was impressed to discover Betsy DeVos had first become concerned about the education system in the U.S. when the cause was still in its infancy and remains an influential figure for those who believe the best educational environment should always be available. Since starting out as a major part of the education reform cause Betsy DeVos has seen school choice and voucher programs become available across 17 states as the need to choose your own educational path for any child has become a major part of the work of state education departments across the nation. Betsy herself is reported in numerous publications I have used in my own research to have flown to states where new programs are being introduced to provide talks, and question and answer sessions to make sure as many families as possible take part in these programs.

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The more than $22 million donated to the Kennedy Center for the Arts in 2010 is a good example of the tens of millions of dollars donated to good causes through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation ( A dedicated Calvinist, Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have been committed philanthropists for a number of years and provided over $10 million for good causes in 2015 alone, plus a pledge to provide more than $3 million grants in the coming years has impressed me greatly. Obviously, education plays a key role in the giving of Betsy DeVos who has pledged funding to a wide range of higher education institutions, and continues to provide financial support to the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan often cited by Mrs. DeVos as being the catalyst for her devotion to education reform.

Bruce Levenson Leads his Previous Hawks Ownership Group in Seeking Compensation from New Hampshire Insurance

Bruce Levenson is leading the former ownership team of Atlanta Hawks Basketball in filing a breach of contract lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The lawsuit accuses the Insurance Company of failing to honor the terms signed by its retired general manager, Danny Ferry. Levenson has clarified that lawsuit involves the previous Hawks ownership team and not the current team headed by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler.

Details of the lawsuit

The previous ownership group of Atlanta Basketball known as the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) filed the lawsuit on September 13, 2016. AHBE sues the insurance firm for insurance bad faith as well as contract breach. AHBE claims the policy it acquired from New Hampshire Insurance Company protected it from certain losses associated with employment malpractices such as workplace torts and wrongful termination. The lawsuit indicates that the insurance firm has declined to accept that AHBE made a claim and declined to accept that the policy has been activated.

Bruce Levenson’s facts

Bruce Levenson is a smart entrepreneur and talented dealmaker. He was in charge of Atlanta Hawks and was part of NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor since 2004. In 1977, he joined hands with Ed Peskowitz to launch United Communications Group (UCG,, a diversified portfolio of reliable business information firms. Currently, UCG is one of the world’s biggest business information companies that are privately held. It offers advanced information to over two million clients across many business sectors such as energy telecommunications, technology, financial services, and healthcare.

Education and other interests

Bruce Levenson is an alumnus of two prominent universities: American University of Law and St. Louis-headquartered Washington University. Before unveiling UCG, he was an editor for the Washington Star’s energy publication. Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist, passionate basketball player, skier, and golfer. Levenson is also an adventure traveler.


Dr Avi Weisfogel Helps Patients Suffering from Sleeping Disorders

Dr Avi Weisfogel majorly deals with medicine especially when it comes to dental matters. He is well-known to be a great dentist because of his experience of so many years. He achieved a bachelor’s degree in biology as well as psychology from Rutgers University and also had a DDS from New York University. His career in dental practice started in 1999 making him work at Old Bridge Dental for more than 10 years. Dr Avi Weisfogel is also known to be so caring especially when it comes to his work. He has been helping patients with dental diseases and also those suffering from sleeping ailments for more than 20 years.

His incredible work has been noticed by the society and as a result he received many

awards regarding his great work with his patients. After seeing how much he is able to help people, he decided to start Dental Sleep Mater in 2004 whose main aim was to gather various dentist as well as other doctors in the effort of helping patients suffering from sleep apnea condition. During his many years he has been able to teach doctors on issues to do with dental ailments and the way to manage oral medication. Furthermore he educates doctors on how to be keen on the community through managing the sickness and reducing the chances of getting infected by sleep apnea.

In definition, sleep apnea is a health disorder that interferes with sleep particularly in making it difficult for someone to breath. Stroke and diabetes are among other diseases that are related to sleep apnea and they continue to increase all over the world. The increase of sleep dysfunctions has affected the number of individuals who wake up at night.

Sleep apnea is mostly contracted by men, they tend to have large necks and suffer from obesity. Dr Avi Weisfogel is well experienced in a variety of sleep disorders since he is also the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Dr Weisfogel has gathered dentists and doctors to help him in finding better ways of treating sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders.

Squaw Valley Issues Official Statement Concerning Water Contamination

Squaw Valley has issued an official and detailed statement in regards to recent news that coliform and E. coli bacteria was found in the property’s upper mountain drinking water.


This possible health issue was initially reported on Nov. 8 to the Department of Environmental Health in Placer County. Since the report, the water has been constantly treated and is showing improvement. Three of the four wells that provide water to the upper mountain now show low levels of coliform and no traces of E. coli. Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health shared this information with the Sierra Sun the Tuesday following the initial report.


The upper mountain’s restaurants remained closed, and skiers were not permitted to drink the water until the issue was completely resolved. There have been no reported health issues and top-to-bottom skiing is still allowed at Squaw Valley.


The following is part of the official statement provided to the Sierra Sun regarding the water issue on November 30 by Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows:



In October of 2016, there was an unusually heavy rain storm that affected several of the water systems in Placer County. This caused the upgraded water system at Squaw Valley to become overwhelmed with water pressure, which caused the water to become contaminated. The water issue is limited to one specific system, and none of the other water systems at Squaw Valley have been affected. None of the contaminated water was ever made available to the public.



Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Trial Attorney Karl Heiedck

Attorney based in Jenkintown, PA

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based attorney who specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management review. Mr. Heideck graduated from the Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Temple University is well known for its trial advocacy program, which is ranked #2 in the country by US News and World Report.

Karl Heideck’s former employers include the law office of Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP. With Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck worked as a contract attorney. He worked heavily in the areas of pharmaceutical litigation, and bankruptcy restructuring. Karl Heideck has also worked with Grant & Eisenhofer, where he worked on complex securities fraud and banking litigation cases. His practice also focuses on transactions and acquisitions. Primarily, Karl works as a litigation attorney.

Litigation is when legal controversies find their way to court. The rules for civil litigation are different from criminal actions, so what you witness during the proceedings likely will not be the same as what you have seen on television. Before a case is litigated, you will have a meeting with your lawyer, either in person or on the telephone. If the facts of the case warrant, a lawsuit will be filed and the discovery process begins.

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Discovery is when evidence is developed and “discovered”. This is when depositions are done, documents are disclosed, and written questionnaires are answered. This is the longest and most expensive part of the process, where court filing fees and expert witness fees start to mount. These costs are often not included with the legal fees being paid to the lawyer.

After discovery, your attorney will usually file for summary judgment. This is an attempt to get the court to dismiss the case in your favor. An oral argument before the court may or may not take place depending on the specific facts and circumstances. If neither side receives summary judgment, the case proceeds to trial.

For a litigation attorney in the greater Pennsylvania area, contact Karl Heideck.

The preparation phase of the trial can last for months – much longer than the trial itself. Preparation includes scheduling witnesses, planning a case strategy, creating presentations, and the filing of various pretrial motions and briefs. The trial proceeds from there with examination and cross-examination of witnesses and the presentation of evidence to the court. After both sides are heard, after a final argument before the judge or jury, a verdict is reached that is binding on both sides.

If any side is unhappy with the outcome of the case, the next step is the appellate process. This is an appeal to a higher court to address and perceived errors in the decision or procedures of the trial court.

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Wen by Chaz: Revolutionary Hair Care

Chaz Dean has been a celebrity stylist for years with a studio in Los Angeles. He certainly has the experience and talent needed to make it in such a high profile business. Chaz Dean is very down to earth and passionate about the products that he develops.

His most notable accomplishment has been the creation of what’s known as the cleansing conditioner. It may sound like a paradox, but the ingenuity behind the product is stellar. Cleansing conditioners take the place of your shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. You use one product to achieve the same results as the other products while producing healthier hair.

WEN cleansing conditioners come in a variety of selections that are geared toward the individual needs of your hair. Chaz has the appropriate cleansing conditioner for you whether you suffer from dry, stressed, color-treated, or oily hair. The main purpose of cleansing conditioners is to treat existing problems and to repair the damage done by chemical treatment processes or the use of sulfate shampoos.

Chaz’s cleansing conditioners do not contain sulfate. Sulfate is found in most shampoos, and the use of sulfate will strip the natural oils present in your hair. This causes dry and damaged hair. By using Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners,, you can reverse the damage to your hair and keep it healthy through consistent use.

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