Eucatex Is Led By An Environmentally Conscious Individual

// Published February 12, 2016 by User1

It is rare to find a building supply company that cares about the environment. Eucatex is a Brazilian company with more than ten office and plant locations throughout the country. Watched over by businessman Flavio Maluf, this company places an emphasis on maintaining a safe balance within the environment. Eucatex is a leading manufacturer of building materials such as paints, flooring, doors and wall partitions. This environmentally conscious company has procedures in place to recycle the residue from processed wood to eliminate waste and pollution from their factories. They also use the wood residue as a way to generate energy, which reduces the amount of energy pulled from area resources.

A Man Who Stands Apart

As the son of a well-known politician, Flavio Maluf is no stranger to the ways of the business world. He began his life-long career by attending FAAP, where he received a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, Mr. Maluf decided to further his education by attending a university in New York, where he studied business administration. In 1987, Flavio went back to his home country of Brazil, where he began working for his father at Eucatex Group. This opportunity provided Flavio with the training and skills he would later use to run Eucatex on his own.  This would also inspire Flavio Maluf to create his own educational initiatives for up and coming entrepreneurs new to his company in 2016.

When Flavio Maluf stepped in as President of the family business Eucatex, he made it his mission to ensure the same high standards for quality and social responsibility were maintained. Mr. Flavio worked hard to expand Eucatex by creating new products and redesigning existing facilities by implementing modern processing techniques and machines, all of which he’s detailed on his Twitter. He has also kept up the company’s processing of eucalyptus as the main material in their production of panels. Mr. Maluf has a deep concern for the environment within Brazil, which can be seen through the development of their environmental education program. At the age of 54, Flavio Maluf attributes the continued success of Eucatex to the training he received under the guidance of his father.  He’s also provided insight into those tips, as Flavio has shared financial advice with the world.