Luciana Lossio Welcomes New Promotion as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court

// Published May 27, 2016 by User1

Expert lawyer Luciana Lossio will take office on May 26th as the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. The position can only be filled by a lawyer and has been open since Arnaldo Versiani left. The inauguration will take place in the court.

Lossio has a rich background marked with achievements. In 2011 she became one of the first women ever to occupy special positions for lawyers and took over as the substitute minister for the TSE position. She is known for being the youngest minister and also a leading authority in the realm of electoral law. Additionally, Lossio also has a successful career counting a few governors as clients and is a member of the BRADE or Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.

While serving on the floor of the electoral court Lossio is known for being well articulated as she has made many grand oral defenses that are memorable. Additionally, Lossio is known for isolating each function that she is defending. In addition, she always has the utmost respect for the rights humans are guaranteed by the constitution.

Lossio finished her law degree at the University Center of Brasilia and graduated with such high honors that she was able to pass the Bar Association of Brazil exam and obtain approval to practice law in just a year. She then went on to complete three more postgraduate classes to further her education and career. These classes included the Legal and Public Order Ministry, Civil Procedure Law in the second Law and State and Constitution. She was able to use all of this knowledge to form the base for becoming the Minister.

Her work history is just as diverse. For seven years she worked in the Attorney General’s Office alongside Geraldo Brindeiro and Claudio Fonteles. While working in the office she took on the advisory role for several cases that had final judgements that were dependent on the TSE. Her aim was to make sure that she worked hard and everything would proceed the right way aligned with the current legislation.