What it takes to be an Entrepreneur; Bob Reina

// Published July 25, 2016 by User1

Bob Reina is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of one of the state-of-arts video marketing solutions company, Talk Fusion. While many people acknowledge him as a man with quite sense of humor, Bob has had quite a long journey in the world of business. His success is based on his concrete discipline that has stuck him in a career that comprised bumps as well as forks in the road.

Bob Reina began as a police officer in Tampa Bay, Florida. He was then introduced to the field of digital network marketing in the year 1990, working as an assistant in a small marketing company while he still served the police division. His passion for digital marketing grew after working for the company for a few years, after which he kept his career behind him to pursue entrepreneurship.

The idea to establish Talk Fusion hit Bob while he was in North Carolina, touring the areas’ real estate development. He took a video of the house he intended to make his new home. He launched AOL on his mobile phone, attempting to attach and send the video to his family, but AOL confirmed that he couldn’t. Bob was absolutely angry and questioned why conveying something as simple as a film file was so difficult for a growing company like AOL. He had found an excellent breakthrough to redefine the way businesses across the world connect with their clients. He consolidated the services of his long-time friend, and that was the birth of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina believes that in order to be successful, it takes perceptive commitment over a long period of time. He had to stroll around a couple of jobs while he struggled to complete his academics from the University of South Florida. Eventually, he graduated as the best student in the police academy in the year 1981.

Bob Reina is also committed to making the world a better place. Recently, he and his company, Talk Fusion donated approximately $1 million to the Human Society of Tampa Bay. This donation was his largest in a period of 10 years. The donation was meant to allow the community to establish an affordable vet services clinic for individual who failed to afford to get their pets checked, spayed or neutered. Bob has had a strong affinity for pets, nurturing 11 dogs and cats in his homestead.

More information about Bob Reina can be retrieved on his Facebook page.