Eric Lefkosky:  An Impressive Presence In The World

// Published December 24, 2016 by User1

Eric Lefkosky is a very unique and impressive presence in this world. With a whopping net worth of over $1.7 billion, he has already accomplished at least three lifetimes-worth of endeavors in the first half of his life and still has the other half to go! It is utter fascination to contemplate what he could possibly come up with from this point forward.

Mr. Lefkosky was born in 1969 to an average middle-class family, with his father being an engineer and his mother, a teacher. Upon graduation from high school, he enrolled in the University of Michigan where he shined with honors upon graduation in 1991. Immediately thereafter, he continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1993.

Directly after obtaining the law degree, Eric and friend, Brad Keywell, started their first entrepreneurial endeavor by purchasing a Wisconsin company named Brandon Apparel. This company was his sole project until 1999, when he and Keywell began an internet company called Starbelly, which focused on all aspects of promotional products. In 2000, after much success during the explosion of the early-internet, he sold the company to Halo Industries.

Shortly after Starbelly in 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkins, which provided print-procurement services for smaller companies; this company was successful and accomplished phenomenal growth from the beginning. By 2006 it had made it to the stock market and Lefkofsky sat as director until 2012. In 2005, Lefkofsky and Keywell founded a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics, which soared with success right away and made it to the NASDAQ by 2006.

Later in 2006, Lefkofksy co-founded MediaBank, which specializes in technology to enhance the media purchasing experience. In 2007, he merged MediaBank with Datatech which greatly enhanced the company with its advertising. Then, in 2012, there was yet another merger worth over $1.5 billion with Donovan Data Systems which created one single company named, Mediaocean.

There are almost too many accomplishments to list in a short article about the amazing Eric Lefkofsky, but here are a final few: co-founder for which went on to become the famous Groupon, co-founder of Lightbank which develops new companies in Chicago, and his largest contribution to society yet, co-founder of Tempus, a company that helps physicians deliver up-close and personalized cancer care.

A very intelligent and business-savvy man is Lefkosky, and the world is lucky to have him.

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