The Leadership of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

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The provider of criminal and civil justice technology services, Securus Technologies recently announced the addition of new senior sales executives. The new employees will be given the task of developing and making purchases using software. They will expand the regions where the company provides sales of their services. The products that they offer to the clientele are over 800.

CEO of the company Richard A. Smith has said that they have invested over 600 million dollars in investments in the last three years. The money was used to increase the quality of services, enhance the training of employees and now the training of the new sales executives who will be hired. Read more about Rick on

The Senior Vice President John Bell who was appointed by Ricky Smith is seen as a leader who is transformational and has had a successful career in the places that he has led. John Bell has developed the best sales strategies and good employees for over35 years. He was earlier on in IBM and other firms.

With the help of Rick’s leadership, Mr. Bell has been an influential staffer. He went to Holy Cross College where he got his degree, and his postgraduate degree is from Wharton School of business and the Kellogg School of Management. He led various companies before, the IBM, Verizon, Time Warner Cables and more. In Securus, Bell is going to lead the sales department.

The sales Vice President Josh Conklin will be reporting to Bell and do his regular duties without interruption. Both Bell and Josh will work together to allow for the development of the good job that Josh had started. They will always strive to achieve the set goals that the company will have. They will prioritize giving the correctional facilities, law enforcement centers, a clear understanding of how they provide their services. With this clear service delivery, the clients will be in a position give the company all their contracts. The CEO, Rick Smith added that their advancements are sophisticated, safe and secure and they will give the customers the quality service that they yearn for.

Josh and John’s leadership will uplift the sales department in the company. The company will be able to provide services to the consumers in a more efficient way ensuring that they enjoy them. According to Wikipedia

Securus Technologies have a strategy that they use. The company gives positive emails and letters. The CEO also does this. Rick Smith always believes that with this channel of communication, the information will be relayed with hope and make the prisoners who are incarcerated safe by not harm them. There will be a smooth change in the environments from freedom to incarceration. The facilities working with Rick Smith Securus Technologies will be able to handle their communications well.

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