Cotemar – Name to Reckon with in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Cotemar is a leading Mexican company that offers maritime and ancillary services to the offshore oil rigs. Established in 1979, Cotemar has grown tremendously over the years to become a leader in the industry. The processes followed by Cotemar are considered to be the benchmarks in the oil and gas industry and are continually reformed to ensure the clients get the best services that are safe and reliable.

There are many different services that Cotemar provides to the oil rigs, which includes maintenance and construction, transportation of cargo and personnel, catering and accommodation services, specialized maritime vessels, and more.

Such comprehensive range of services offered by Cotemar helps the clients to get all the ancillary services they require under one roof without any difficulties. Cotemar also has a fleet of fire-fighting vessels that are highly effective in times of emergencies.

The towing vessels of Cotemar help in logistics and transport of heavy machinery and equipment used in oil rigs. One of the primary reasons why Cotemar has been able to retain its position at the top in the sector it serves is because of its focus on research and development.

The company keeps track of the needs of the clients and modernizes its services accordingly. One of the biggest customers of Cotemar is PEMEX or Petroleos Mexicanos, who has been relying on Cotemar’s services for many years. The range of services offered by Cotemar helps the oil rigs to perform without worries and focus on their core job of drilling oil, which helps in maximizing their output. Learn more about Cotemar: and

The construction and maintenance services offered by Cotemar is based on advanced engineering, and Cotemar is known to have the best engineers in the industry.

The company sources its talent through its in-house human resource department without relying on the third party recruiters. It is one of the reasons why Cotemar has a huge pool of highly experienced employees, whether it is in the engineering department, customer service department, logistics engineering, or any other specialized department.

Cotemar has grown tremendously over the years, and it can do so through the constant improvement of its processes and the integration of modern technology.

The company also implements initiatives that help not only employees, but their families as well by providing means for better education, healthcare, and more.

Cotemar also believes in giving back to the society and has corporate social responsibility programs that encourage the management as well as the employees to participate in many high-impact social welfare activities and moves.

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