John Holt Takes Part In Major Conference In Texas

// Published August 6, 2017 by User1

Back in late 2016, John Holt spoke at the Banker’s Association’s Strategic Opportunities Conference in Texas. It is held every year, and Hold, CEO of NexBank, took part in one of the topic discussions. The discussion was about how to reinvent community banking and how to be competitive via innovation.

The conference was a success and Hold provided his opinion on the topic. Every year the conference is held and attendees include bank leaders, consultants and advisers. They get together to discuss various topics that pertain to the banking industry.

About NexBank

NexBank’s CEO is John Holt and the bank is based in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in mortgage banking and commercial banking, as well as institutional services. The company is known for providing their services to institutional clients, financial institutions, corporations and individuals across the United States.

NexBank offers products such as personal savings accounts, certificates of deposits and high-yield money market accounts. They deal with commercial lending, warehouse lending and investment banking too.

Online banking is also offered by Nexbank. When a customer signs up for online banking, they can pay their bills online via their account, as well as transfer money and view their account balances. NexBank allows customers to take advantage of this product for free and they can use online baking around the clock.


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