Kurt Cobain was the Poster Boy for Counter Culture 25 Years Ago

// Published August 14, 2017 by User1

Kurt Cobain was a musician who once led the group Nirvana. Before his demise in 1994 he was a shining example of what a counter cultural figure should be to the world. Cobain bucked the system during his time in the spot light. He said and did things that rubbed much of mainstream society within the wrong way.

Cobain was a very good musician that released at least 3 studio albums with Nevermind being the best selling out of the group. To date Cobain sold over 75 million albums with his group and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Keep in mind that Cobain was a counter cultural figure that dealt with heroin addiction, chronic health problems and depression. He was a young man who lived on the edge of society and in the realm fame at the same time. Cobain tried to define his world the way that he saw it. His ideas and views were also influential enough to capture millions of other people as well.

People liked the way that Cobain wore anti-establishment t-shirts and they also liked his off-stage actions where he did things to purposely irritate the status quo. While Cobain did a lot of things to upset the established norms; he never went too far left field. He did have a wife and child to think about.

Nirvana was a counter culture group during the time Cobain presided over it. This legendary musician kept it real by living life on his own terms and doing things his own way. Cobain is simply one of the best examples of a counter culture hero that is available for people to model. While he is gone, his life story lives on through his music and through his legacy. You can find out more about Cobain’s counter culture appeal in the Huffington Post.

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