Susan McGalla – Highly Successful Branding Consultant in the United States

// Published August 27, 2017 by User1

Susan McGalla is one of the most famous personalities in the marketing and branding world and has made a name in the corporate sector of the United States in a very short period. It is partly because of the results she has been able to provide consistency to her clients and ensuring that the companies she works can generate good revenue through her service. Having worked for many small and large marketing and image consultancy firms in the past, Susan McGalla is one of the most experienced branding consultants in the industry presently. It is why she started her company named P4 Executive Consulting LLC. In the past, she has also served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of popular companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc and Wet Seal Inc respectively.

Susan McGalla is also an excellent speaker on the issue of women empowerment and gender equality as she feels that the corporate world is still largely dominated by men and that women must come forward as well in full form. In a recent interview, Susan McGalla said that one of the key things that women must do if they want to become successful is to ensure they complete their studies and do not compromise on it. Susan McGalla added that only studying is not enough, as getting good grades is also important to bag better jobs in the future. She says that completing higher education as well is important to get an entry at the top level jobs in the corporate sector.

Susan McGalla says that there is enough space for the talented people in the industry, and if it is a position that can be filled by a woman, there is no bias there in the corporate sector. However, she feels that women are compromising a lot on their education and not planning their higher studies well, which is causing an imbalance in the corporate world between men and females. Susan McGalla also advised working women to stay active in the workplace and be consistent in performing their task and performance as she said that it would sooner or later be identified and rewarded.

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