Susan McGalla: An Inspiration To Women

// Published October 16, 2017 by User1

Susan McGalla is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is also the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She has spoken many times about how to get ahead in your career as a woman. Some of the places she has spoken at are: Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up with 2 brothers and a father that was a football coach. He never treated her differently than her brothers just because she was a girl. He always told her that she wasn’t defined by her gender because she was a person no matter what. Her parents always pushed her to work hard and meet her goals and dreams. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College. She then began her career at Joseph Horne Company.

When she started at American Eagle Outfitters, LLC in 1994, it was a male dominated company. There were no women sitting on the board or in any executive positions. She worked hard and was able to move up in the ranks, eventually becoming the president and chief merchandising officer. She is responsible for $3 billion in revenue, 4 brands, and an e-commerce website.

Since that time, she has became a consultant for some of the biggest people in finance when they need the view of someone who has worked in the world of retail. By doing years of hard work, flexibility, and following her passions, she has gotten almost complete freedom over her career. One thing that never crossed her mind was that she was a woman. She never let any of the stigmas surrounding her gender stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Susan McGalla has helped paved the way for professional women everywhere. Not only has she shown that hard work and dedication can get you to the top, but she has shown that women can be in any position regardless of their gender. This is even true of career fields that are male dominated. Hard work and persistence pays off.

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