Aloha Construction

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Aloha Construction is a family owned company out of Illinois. The company is known for providing high quality construction work for families in the region. They provide services for anyone in Illinois or southern Wisconsin. The company has workers that are well trained and prepared to perform high quality services for your home. Aloha tends to provide services pertaining to: roofing, siding, gutter work, and window or door replacement. Roofing is a long hard process that requires a lot of effort to do. Without proper work, your home may be at a risk for water damage or other problems. Workers with Aloha do a nine step inspection to ensure their work is done properly. They even offer a ten year warranty on their roofing projects. Their next field of specialty is siding. Siding is a very complex, drawn out process. It can be intimidating to do yourself, and workers at Aloha can take that burdening weight off your back. They have trained specialists that perform a quality siding job. Their services often reduce customers’ air condition costs, as it provides an upgraded insulation for your home. Next, is gutter work. Gutters are used to direct the travel of water from your roof. If it is not done properly, water can erode your roof, leading to leaks or mold. To know more about the company click here.

Workers at Aloha ensure that the water route is done properly and thus protects your home. Finally, workers can help you with your next window/door installation or replacement. The process can be quite challenging to do yourself. Not only has this company values their work quality, but they have gone up and above. They have maintained respect and quality relationships with customers and subcontractors as well. The CEO of the company has done something special as well. Dave Farbaky has created the Dave Farbaky foundation.

This foundation is dedicated to helping children in need. Once annually or so, the company holds a shopping spree event for children with low income families. The event helps kids to receive toys and games that their parents couldn’t afford. The company has demonstrated great things.

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