OneLogin Providing Cloud Safety for Businesses

// Published December 20, 2017 by User1

Backing up data on the cloud has become the most widely preferred way to keep information secure. Both for the public and for businesses, having the ability to back up data on cloud saves resources, makes it more convenient to store files, and provides people with peace of mind knowing their files will not be corrupted because any hardware got damaged.

Without a doubt, cloud storage has a lot of benefits, but cloud migrations also have their risks. The process has to be taken seriously, and business and employees need to follow specific policies to ensure that everything goes according to plan and no data or files are lost or corrupted.

Cloud migration can be a risk because of hardware if employees are using any unauthorized device in the process of cloud migration. In the past years, unauthorized hardware has shifted to software as a vast number of employees download programs if their preferred software is not already installed on their work computers. That exposes the network of the company to the risks those applications and programs may bring.

Another thing that can put the cloud migration at risk is the fact that many companies focus on managing their hardware instead of the identities of the employees using them. Businesses should make sure that they are monitoring which users are working so that the IT team is always in the loop in case any problem occurs.

The infrastructure of the company needs to be visible during the cloud migration. That can be achieved by introducing a centralized employee identity management solution. That way the system will be able to oversee operations and keep everything in check.

OneLogin is a cloud identity management platform. It provides an authentication process that requires a singe but secure sign-on, as well as directory integration with LDAP and AD, along with other external directories. OneLogin is serving more than 2 000 business customers all around the world and is growing in popularity. The company of OneLogin was created in 2009 by business partners Th. Pederson and Ch. Pedersen.

The company of OneLogin is focused on providing its clients with the security they need to thrive.

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