Modern Counter Culture Groups Adopting Bizarre Beliefs

// Published February 16, 2018 by User1

The ruling elites of mainstream society have always loathed those who opt for counter culture lifestyles. Whether that disdain is fair or unreasonable is a constant matter of debate. Some counter culture groups actually became forces for good – such as the hippy green-eco movement which works for a clean environment.

But many of today’s counter culture groups are difficult to defend on any front. Take, for example, the extremely bizarre re-emergence of the Flat Earthers. These are people living in our modern, scientific society who refuse to believe the earth is round.

A recent famous example is Kyrie Irving, the NBA star for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He made headlines by declaring to reporters that he firmly believes the earth is flat. Irving said a flat earth is “right in front of out faces” and that mainstream science “lies to you.”

Nutty Flat-earthers represent a significant movement today. But there are other groups that are nurturing beliefs that are downright dangerous.

A prime example is the significant and growing portion of the population that believes vaccinations are evil. They are called the “anti-vaxers.” Don’t be surprised if your next-door neighbor is one of them. More and more people are opting to never have their children vaccinated for common diseases like measles and mumps because they fear negative effects, such as autism, said to be a side effect of vaccination — a notion that has been overwhelmingly debunked by hard science.

There are many other examples of groups that can be considered bona fide counter culture movements based on bizarre beliefs or conspiracy theories. Two examples are the “Birthers,” those who don’t believed Barack Obama was born in the United States, and the “FEMA Concentration Campers,” who think the federal disaster relief agency is plotting to round up and imprison millions of Americans for nefarious reasons.

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