An Explanation Of Why Most Hipsters Look Similar

// Published March 11, 2018 by User1

Do you think the hipsters in your area all look the same or at least very similar? If you think so, then you are not alone. One scientist and mathematician has come out with a theory and mathematical and scientific data to back his argument on why hipsters all look the same or at the very least remarkably similar to one another.

French scientist, Jonathan Touboul used a lot of advanced mathematical formulas and neuroscience in his study but here is the gist of his findings and evidence. He argues that when people look at the present trends, there is a delay that occurs when we actually detect or find out that a certain trend has appeared. The delay in recognizing a trend is what causes people in the counterculture movement to appear to dress, act and even behave the same way.

Neuroscientist Johanathan Tourboul even goes a step farther and explains another reason why hipsters tend to look very similar to each other. He believes that people will ultimately react the same when they try to distinguish themselves from the mainstream culture. This is a very general and assuming statement, but it seems to be true as well.

The neuroscientist also states that it takes a while for hipsters to recognize other new trends that may pop up. This further explains why they tend to dress the same. They simply cannot realize that other people are being just like them. It takes time to process a trend. Another finding in the study of hipsters is that the closer hipsters are to one another, the faster they recognize each other’s trends. In other words, proximity plays a role for hipsters to be able to recognize one another and to then differentiate themselves further.

In more simple terms, when you see your roommates or friends, you can probably distinguish yourself pretty easily from them with your fashion and demeanor. However, it is much more difficult to separate yourself with people on the outside. Thus, it is highly likely you will see similar looking hipsters when you go out to the mall. This is at least until you recognize one another’s trends.

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