Sheldon Lavin’s long and successful career at OSI Group

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For a company to dominate in a certain sector, it lies in its ability to evolve and fit into the new trends. It is fascinating how a company can dominate the American food industry for more than a century. What’s more interesting is how it survived the great recession of the 1930s. The company in question is none other than the famous

OSI Group, formerly known as Otto & Sons Company.

Otto & Sons were launched in the early 1900s as a small butcher shop supplying meat to Chicago residents. It became a favorite joint for many people since it was offering exceptional services to their customers. The founder of Otto & Sons was a revered businessman and he had a vision for his business.

Throughout its early life, Otto & Sons focused on providing high-quality meat, which attracted even more customers. Then it grew from a small butcher shop and began opening new facilities in Chicago. McDonald’s, who by then were the biggest suppliers of meat products in the U.S, contracted Otto & Sons to supply fresh meat to their facilities in Chicago. This was a huge breakthrough for the Otto & Sons Company.

At the beginning of the 1960s, Otto & Sons had sought the services of a financial consultancy firm owned by Sheldon Lavin. At this time, the company had just rebranded to OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Industries to obtain financing from lenders to facilitate their operations. In the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin gained a substantial share in the company and even became part of the company’s management.

Appetite for growth

OSI Industries has had a huge appetite for growth even in its early years of establishment. However, when Sheldon Lavin came on board, the company started a series of acquisitions to strengthen their dominance in the American food industry. Over the years, OSI Group crossed the American border to penetrate other lucrative markets such as in India, Europe, China, Netherlands, and Germany. Most of these acquisitions were spearheaded by Sheldon who now serves as the CEO of the company.

Winning the Global Visionary Award

Sheldon graduated from the University with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He utilizes the knowledge he gained in college to propel OSI to even greater heights. As a result, Sheldon has won numerous awards that include the Global Visionary Award that recognizes the individuals who have managed to turn their dreams into a success.

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