Who is Yeonmi Park

// Published December 22, 2015 by User1

The story of Yeonmi Park is a very heartbreaking yet inspirational one of the struggles of the everyday citizen in North Korea and the challenges they may face in trying to escape. Park relives the pain of starvation, sexual abuse and the overall fear of homicide or even suicidal thoughts. North Korea isn’t the number spot on anyone’s vacation list right now. Like the middle east and a couple other places here on Earth it is filled with oppressed citizens and an unfair governments. Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi knew this like so many others but unlike many others fought to get out and was blessed enough to survive the ordeal. Starvation was just one of the many obstacles she faced. Crossing from China through the Gob desert and beyond took much energy and strength from Park. However without food for most of the journey where most would fail her love and passion for freedom pushed through the limitations of physical nourishment. Yeonmi also went through sexual abuse from the young age of 13. Surprisingly when asked of the torments of being involved in human trafficking Park responded,”I would do that again to be free”. For a person to deliberately go through sexual abuse and even rape to be free from a place shows the determination that Park held for herself and her family. If it were not for her family Park would not have made it to a democratic civilization. A civilization she states her dad died never knowing existed. One would believe that Park’s nightmare is over now being free of the rule Kim Jong Un over in North Korea. This belief could not be further from the truth as now the leader of North Korea personally has gone after Park’s remaining family in the dictatorship state. Kim Jong Un claims Park is just a puppet for mass media and trying to put his reign under scrutiny and watchful eyes. Either way the world knows the past and current headlines North Korea has been putting out and definitely of its leader and his forefathers before him. All eyes are on Park across the globe, but for her a free life with her family is all she ever wanted.


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