OneLogin’s Cloud-Based Identity Management Liberates Manufacturers

// Published November 10, 2017 by User1

Modern industrial firms are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to empower their businesses and accelerate growth. This move is in search of increased agility across sourcing platforms, organization-wide security and seamless identity management at a bargain. Even though the technology is more than twenty years old, numerous challenges have left a good number of manufacturers still using on-site identity management solutions.

Some of the challenges include inefficiencies introduced by a diverse range of individually complex supply chain systems. The more the number of vendors, the slower the interactions become. Longer transactional times lead to lost productivity and a less aggressive competitive edge.

The push for stronger security in systems can be attributed to the kind of assets manufacturers’ store. This includes sensitive information such as blueprints, financial reports, contracts and agreements, and data related to the capital structure. Firms wish to have their workforce access such information in the most secure manner especially employees working remotely.

Manufacturers play a tricky game of trying to keep the production costs as low as possible. Traditional identity management backed by the internal IT team equals high running costs and slower turnarounds of new applications and features. The team has its hands tied too tight by support issues to deliver new projects efficiently.

Some manufacturers have structurally complex operations. Different business units could be located in diverse geographical locations. A decentralized approach means each unit handles its own staffing. It becomes a headache to synchronize all the units’ systems adding complexities to the identity management of the overall group.

These challenges are seamlessly addressed by migrating to a cloud-based platform. OneLogin offers cutting-edge cloud-based identity and access management solutions. This includes single enterprise-wide sign-on, multi-level verification and real-time updates to the central directory.

The cloud portals are designed to accommodate more than five thousand software products including Oracle, Office 365 and SAP among numerous others. The result is that administrative costs related to identity management come down. Additionally, companies have confidence that their vital assets are adequately protected.

The firm’s single sign-on solution leads to increased user productivity and reduced support from the IT department. It makes it easy to add and remove resources according to employee movements. In like manner, it centralizes the control of personal devices being used on the corporate network with intelligent authentication mechanisms. It easily integrates with the human resources systems.

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